Elect Candace Rojas for Palm Beach Town Council Group 1

“Relish the opportunity to be an outsider – because it’s the outsider who changes the world. “ – DJT

Dear Palm Beach Voters:

“New Challenges Require New Leadership.”

COVID19 has presented many new challenges to the Town. The health and safety of our seniors and effective delivery of the vaccine are top priorities.

The pandemic has also caused an unprecedented burden on our first responders, and providing them the financial support they need is essential. I would never consider cutting funding for our police, paramedics, firefighters or first responders.

The pandemic has devasted small businesses. My experience as a small business owner puts me in a unique position to build public/private partnerships to support our local businesses through this challenging time.
As a clean water and environmental advocate, I am committed to testing, measuring and ensuring the highest standard of drinking water quality, preserving and protecting our coastal waterways and addressing beach erosion.

I feel very strongly about protecting our citizens from government overreach regarding their private property rights.

I am Committed to being the “Voice of the People” —asking questions, listening, communicating, problem solving & protecting residents against local government overreach.

I am not a “political insider”- but rather a proud citizen, mother, small business owner & active volunteer who takes a common sense approach to issues impacting the North to the South End of Palm Beach.

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